Social Media Policy

Principles and Values for use of Tom's of Maine Social Media

Please note that all consumer comments and testimonials about our products and their performance that are posted on this page are subject to various legal requirements including those imposed by the Federal Trade Commission rules and these guiding principles and Values Tom's of Maine reserves the right to remove any product performance testimonials posted on or its respective social media pages that do not comply with FTC requirements.

Open, Honest Dialogue.

We are looking forward to sharing lots of information with you, but we appreciate you understanding that we are unable to share proprietary, financial, and/or confidential information about ourselves or anybody else.

You can handle the truth!

We are thrilled to have you join us in this dialogue, and look forward to hearing from you. If you do post on our walls please note: Consumer comments or product testimonials (i) must be based on your honest beliefs, opinions or experiences and knowledge or actual use of the product discussed;(ii) must reflect experiences that are typical of what consumers generally experience; and (iii) must not be unfair or deceptive.

Power of Transparency.

Like you, we have lots of friends and partners, so we will be up front so you know who you are talking to. Posts by employees of Tom's of Maine will be identified with "TOM", and Partner Organization posts with "PTR." We may create a variety of handles, user names, and other IDs to better serve you and build dialogue throughout the organization and the Tom's of Maine community, but no matter what you will always know when you are talking to or hearing from Tom's of Maine from the "TOM" appearing at the end of a post. Likewise, we ask you to disclose in or at the end of your post if you have any "material connection" with Tom's, or have received from Tom's any free product or anything else that may be considered a thing of value or compensation.

Giving Props where Props are due.

We want to share Goodness. We may highlight the good work that others have done, or events that they are planning, and re-share content that our friends have shared with us, so that you are well informed about all of the ways you can create Goodness around you. In these cases, we will give credit where credit is due and when possible cite the source and link to the content. We will also always respect copyright laws.

If you don't have anything nice to say...

please don't say it. We do not wish to have on this site language that is intentionally harassing, obscene, threatening, or defamatory. We will do our best to refrain from sharing or posting information that is insulting, obscene, profane, or otherwise intentionally harmful or incendiary. We will maintain our Code of Conduct at all times and we ask that you maintain similar standards and comply with the law when sharing with us!

We are a values centered company.

Tom's of Maine values your input and we would love to hear from you, but we also want to make sure that we are fostering a community of Goodness, so occasionally we may have to remove posts that violate the law or our internal policies, or are otherwise objectionable. We also ask you to recognize that opinions expressed by third parties on Tom's of Maine sites may not be endorsed by Tom's of Maine. The responsibility for third party content is solely that of the third party, not Tom's of Maine.


Tom's of Maine encourages you to vote, but we also do not think we should tell you how to do that. We will give you many opportunities to vote for many things, like your favorite flavor toothpaste, local community projects, and a myriad of other fun topics. However, we will not endorse political candidates or post information for or against particular political parties, ballot initiatives, or other election issues. We will leave that choice to you, and ask you to refrain from posting such material on our site.


We believe your time is valuable, so we believe the information and content we share should add value to the Tom's of Maine community. We will not participate in Spam-related activities.

Let Us Know...

If you have suggestions about what content you would like to hear more about, we are all ears at, Twitter, and Facebook!