Rediscover YOUR PEARLY
WHITES, naturally™

Tom’s of Maine®
Luminous White®

Our most advanced whitening toothpaste, ever.

whiter teeth in 2 weeks*
safe for everyday use
safe for enamel

Bev switched because of pregnancy

When Bev finally got pregnant, what she put in and on her body took on a new level of importance.

Elise switched for the ingredients

Elise's inspiration comes from the natural ingredients she cooks with. It made her think about the ingredients in her deodorant.

Yulie's skin allergies prompted her to switch

Yulie had a hard time finding a deodorant because of her skin allergies. Tom's of Maine changed everything - from how she felt to what she could wear.

A natural way to whiten.

With our naturally derived ingredients and whitening technology to remove surface stains, you can brighten your smile after just two weeks of regular brushing. Plus, Luminous White™ toothpaste uses clinically proven whitening technology that is safe for enamel and every day use. Try a natural way to whiten today.

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