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Natural Health Products

Tom’s of Maine was founded with the belief that “both human beings and nature have inherent worth and deserve our respect.” Ask our employees and you’ll soon find that many of us don’t just respect the natural world – we love it. We are a company of kayakers and campers, hikers and mountain bikers and parents who poke around in tidal pools and take walks in the forest with our kids.

That’s why caring for the environment is something we’ve focused on since 1970. This value comes to life in the way we select ingredients, our manufacturing practices at our Sanford, Maine plant, and the packaging we use.


“The ingredients inside your natural personal care products matter, and we believe that you have a right to know what they are, what purpose they serve, the natural source they come from and how are they are made. You want to choose the products that you consider to be the best for your wellbeing, your community, and your planet, and we want to support you in making an informed decision.”


We know you care about the ingredients in our products. We’ve shared their purpose and source since 1981 – first on our product packaging and now on our website. Our Stewardship Model defines our view of natural, sustainable, and responsible, and guides us through the process of ingredient sourcing and formula creation.

You can learn more about our process for selecting our natural ingredients by reviewing our Stewardship Model, and more about our ingredient goals by visiting our Goodness Report. Let us know what you think!


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Tom's Environmental Sustainability

"When Tom and Kate Chappell, our cofounders, mixed up their first batches of products, they used a Kitchen Aid mixer. We've come a long way since then! Today, many of our products are made at our manufacturing facility right here in Sanford, Maine. We constantly strive to improve our sustainability practices at every level of our operations."

— Brian Peabody, Tom’s of Maine Fulfillment Team Leader

Priority: sustainability

We know you want to lighten your own footprint and it inspires us. Since 1970, the sustainability of our practices is something we’ve seriously considered. Examples of our progress include:

Read more about our sustainability progress and goals in our Goodness Report.


Boxes Used Again and Again

Bill Hetzel talks about how re-using boxes has had a positive impact both at Tom's of Maine and at our vendors.

Sticks Made to Recycle

Bill Hetzel explains why our deodorant sticks are uncommonly good.

Working for more than a paycheck

George Day shares his experience working at Tom’s of Maine for 25 years.


Eco Friendly Packaging

“It's not good enough to just make natural products. They also have to be packaged with consideration for the environment and ease of use.”

- Fiona Russell, Tom’s of Maine Personal Care Brand Manager

Finding ways to do better

We are always looking for opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging, including:

Start young. Live green.

Make every day Earth Day, starting at the bathroom sink. Help us support the planet in new ways this year. We're partnering with recycling leader Terracycle® to keep broken toys out of landfills. Find out how you can help and discover other family fun ways to celebrate living green anytime.

Switching to a new toothpaste tube

In 2014 we started packaging toothpaste in "aluminum barrier laminate" tubes rather than the plastic-only laminate tubes we have used since 2011. We made the decision after lengthy consideration of factors including packaging sustainability and usability. See why we think the new tubes are a better choice.


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